“To say what the enemy does not expect and be where they are not waiting for us. That is the new poetry.”
At Daggers Drawn


Jersey Counter-Info is a counter-information platform to promote and spread anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-colonial, abolitionist, and other radical ideas, news, and events in occupied Lenapehoking or so-called “New Jersey” and the surrounding areas.

To quote a passage from The (Revolt) Medium is the Messsage: Counter-Information and the 2008 Revolt in Greece:

When we say ‘counter-information’, we mean
information ‘from below’. In other words, we mean that on the one hand there exists dominant information that offers the view of authority on events – and often even shapes them. On the other hand, there are parts of the society that are competitive and hostile toward authority and that organise their own channels of information, essentially class-based interests. There are then two main elements in what we name counter-information: first, it is organised from below and, second, it serves the needs of the movement that is competitive and hostile toward authority and by extension, stands in competition with mainstream media.”

This project is intended to fill a need for anarchist groups and collectives in the region who may not encounter each other to share their analyses and reportbacks securely and anonymously.

The project will also act as a news aggregator from various individuals, groups, and projects in the region and outside the region who otherwise may not identify as anarchists but still have informative materials worth sharing.

Jersey Counter-Info is maintained by an anonymous anarchist collective.

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Legal Notice:

Jersey Counter-Info is a news website not a political organization. We do not organize any protests or events listed on this site. All content shared on here, both original posts or shared from other sources are for informational and educational purposes only.