Disclaimer: These guides are all publicly accessible knowledge and are intended purely for informational purposes only. We do not encourage nor condone any illegal activity.


How to Form an Affinity Group: The Essential Building Block of Anarchist Organization – Read

Accounting for Ourselves: Breaking the Impasse Around Assault and Abuse in Anarchist Spaces – Read / Print

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists – Read / Print

Forming An Antifa Group: A Manual – Read / Print

Anarchist Study Groups – Read

UNControllables: The Story of an Anarchist Student Group And How to Organize Your Own – Read

How to Start a Food Not Bombs Chapter – Read

Build Your Own Solidarity Network – Print / Read

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information – Read / Print

Prisoner Support

NYC Anarchist Black Cross guide to writing to political prisoners – Read

How to Write U.S. Political Prisoners – Watch

Black and Pink prisoner letter guidelines – Read

Prisoner Solidarity – Website

7 Ways to Support People in Prison – Read – A New Hub for Supporting Prisoners of the George Floyd Uprising

How to Survive a Felony Trial – Read


What is Security Culture? A Guide to Staying Safe – Read / Print

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants – Print

Confidence. Courage. Connection. Trust. (Abridged): A Short Introduction to Security Culture – Print

Doxcare: Prevention and Aftercare for Those Targeted by Doxxing and Political Harassment – Read/Print

Surveillance Self-Defense: Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications – Read

Security and Counter-surveillance – Read / Print

Stay Calm: Some tips for keeping safe in times of state repression – Read / Print

Repress This! Ways to be your own Anti-Repression Committee – Read / Print

A Practical Security Handbook for Activists and Campaigns – Read