We would love to post your analysis, reportbacks, communiques, art, flyers, posters, images of banners and graffiti, upcoming events, call-to-actions, and etc. Be sure to look at our submission guides and tips below before making a submission.

Contact us or make a submission at:

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Submission Guides & Tips


We accept content that shares perspectives and intentions aligned with Jersey Counter-Info. You may consider some of these questions:

  • Does the analysis come from an autonomous and anti-authoritarian, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist perspective?
  • Is the action self-organized outside the hands of top-down groups, political parties, and non-profits?
  • Is the activity in conflict with an institution of power?
  • Was this a direct action or just a symbolic one?
  • Was the action or analysis based in the New Jersey area or does it have a strong relationship to here?


  • Please limit linking to or re-posting from corporate media; if a comrade / movement source is unavailable please provide some analysis.
  • Please spell and grammar check articles and be intentional with HTML formatting.

This goes without saying but, anything that promotes capitalism, authoritarianism, fascism and any form of bigotry (i.e. racism, sexism, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia etc.) will not be accepted.

Anonymous Submissions

For anonymous submissions, we strongly encourage you to not submit anything that directly or indirectly incriminates you or others. We do not want to know who did what. Here’s some guides on digital security and security culture.

When sending anonymous emails, we recommend using Guerillamail does not work with our email address. You can also use a one-time use email account from the following:

We also recommend sending anonymous submissions through the Tor browser or by using Tails. Alternatively, you may also use a VPN like Riseup VPN.

Text Submissions

For text-based submissions, we recommend using the following and share the link with us:

Photo Submissions

If your submission includes photos, we strongly recommend that you remove any metadata using tools like EXIF Purge, Exif Cleaner, or’s metadata cleaner. We also strongly recommend that you blur peoples faces and anything that could potentially identify someone.

Additionally, for security reasons, we do not accept file uploads directly to email, please use the following and share the link with us: